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The Severyanin restaurant is a regular participant in various landmark and industry events in St. Petersburg.

- Participation in exhibitions and festivals -

  • In 2018, participation in the largest tourism exhibition Inwetex and Saint Petersburg Travel Hub at the stand of the Government of Saint Petersburg. The guests of the exhibition tasted sweet and hearty pies from the Severyanin restaurant, which introduces Petersburgers and city guests to authentic Petersburg cuisine, reviving the culinary traditions of their beloved city.

  • Active participation in the project of the government of St. Petersburg "Petersburg cuisine" (with the support of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg).

  • Annual participation in the St. Petersburg Restaurant Festival , which takes place every April and November. The restaurant presents sets of St. Petersburg cuisine at the festival.

  • Participation in the city project "Three Centuries of St. Petersburg Cuisine" , where the Severyanin restaurant presented a dish of St. Petersburg cuisine prepared according to a recipe from Ignatius Radetsky's cookbook "St. Petersburg Cuisine", published in the middle of the 19th century.

  • Competition "Brand-chef of St. Petersburg cuisine" , which was held on February 26-28 within the framework of the International specialized exhibition of the hospitality industry ExpoHoReCa. The chefs of the Severyanin restaurant team prepared two dishes of St. Petersburg cuisine - the Anna Pavlova dessert and the Sterlet in Champagne.

  • Participation in television programs:

- “Food I love you” on the TV channel “Friday” (2018) - the chef Konstantin Opeskin was preparing dove soup with crayfish according to the 1915 recipe.

- "Shrines of Russia" on the TV channel "Spas" (2018) - a story about the restaurant "Severyanin", which told about the dishes of St. Petersburg cuisine and their history.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

- Special events held in the restaurant -

  • Traditional Russian tea drinking. Every Sunday guests are treated to sweet and hearty pies, Ivan tea from an old samovar is poured.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Poetic evening "Pineapples in champagne" . A theme is assigned (for example, "Poetry of the Silver Age"), and our readers read the favorite poems of poets, sing romances. Live music is played during breaks. All guests this evening a compliment - cocktail "Anance in Champagne".

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Music evenings every Friday and Saturday . The program includes: favorite tunes performed by an accordion player, romances (vocals, guitar, violin), romantic melodies (piano, vocals), evenings of instrumental music (balalaika, guitar).

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

  • Every Wednesday at the Severyanin restaurant there is a caviar day. Guests are offered caviar sets at a special price.

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